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Flatcom Gantry Work Cell
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                   Flatcom Work Cell
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Model Flatcom

Enclosure type Z Stroke

Model Travel
(X x Y x Z)
Work Bed Overall Size Machine Dimensions
M20 700 x 600  x 150/250 900 x 350 1060 x 800 x1770
M30  700x900x 150/250  900 x 350 1060 x 800 x1770
M40 1200x900x 150/250 900 x 500 1160 x 1101 x1770
M50 1200x1400x 150/250 1200 x 700 1460 x 650 x 1770

Global Dimensions

Flatcom Dimensions

FLATCOM Gantry Specifications:
  • Every FLATCOM Gantry Table is equipped with 3 axis  brushless servomotors, expandable to 6 axes
  • 3-Axis Gantry Table with the option of adding a 4th & 5th rotary axis
  • All axes are ball screw driven for precise, fast motions
  • Standard with controls, I/O, cabling and ProNC software all fully installed and ready to go.
  • FOUR model sizes available, ready-to-use upon delivery
  • Optional light curtain, various spindles, up to 6 axis servo

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