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Pro-Nc Software
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Pro-Nc Software Features

  • Control any techno gantry table, ball screw driven slide, Belt actuator or rotary table .
  • Full control of motion and I/O
  • Can be used to control stepper, brushed of brushless servos
  • Programs uses dll to coordinate motion control, Input/output functions, spindles or additional modules
  • Can program in GC/M codes or English like commands (PAL)
  • Can be used for machining, drilling, milling, pick & place, dispensing, welding, testing, and Inspection
  • Allows use of subprograms bridges and loops, arithmetical and Boolean expressions, real and trigonometrically functions and variables.
  • Seperate interface during run time of user programs
  • Separate jog and teach
Typical Applications

      • Pick & Place
      • Inspection
      • Assembly

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