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Gantry FB2 Cartesian Robot
Travel: 11”x13” up to 40”x49” XY
Gantry Clearance: 5”, 8”, 12”, 20”
Z axis: 3”-20”

Available as XY or XYZ, all axes are
ball screw driven with anti-backlash ball nuts. The moving gantry provides operators a large stationary work surface. It can be outfitted with stepper or servomotors or no motors.  View Page

  TechnoMod Gantry
Travel: 25.5”x11.8” up to 39.3”x 25.5” XY Gantry Clearance: 13.7”
Z axis: 9.8”

A complete gantry system setup, the
TechnoMod has DC servomotors, 4th and 5th rotary axis options, driven by ball screws and comes with I/O.
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  LCT Tabletop Gantry Table
Travel: 24”x30” to 24”x50”
Gantry Clearance: 6”, 14”
Z axis: 6”-20”

The LCT is a heavy duty version gantry style machine. Available in 2-, 3-, or 4-axis servo gantry system, the LC Tabletop Gantry is compact, ball screw driven, and available with low, medium or high power electronics, 6” or 14” gantry. Also available with no motors or electronics for OEM applications.
clearance. View Page

  Z-Axis Slide for Gantry III & FB2
The Z-Axis slide is compatible with the Gantry III and FB2 Cartesian Robots to create a 2- or 3-axis setup. It can be equipped with stepper or servomotors or no motors.
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  ICP Series Gantry Table
Travel: 12”x8”x3.5”
or 16”x12”x 5.5”
Gantry Clearance: 5”, 14”

A ready-to-use stepper motor machine, with ball screws on all 3 axes, the ICP comes fully assembled, with or without electronics in a CE compliant safety enclosure. The ICP electronics uses either CNC or DNC programming via RS232.
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  Bridge Mounted Gantry Table
X Travel: 11.4” or 19.7”
Gantry Clearance: 7.4” or 10.1”
Z axis: 6”-20” Y axis: 6”-40”

Available as X, XY, XZ or XYZ. Heavy cast-aluminum side plates support the X axis above a work surface. This model is available with stepper, servo or no motor. The Y and Z can be chosen as required from Standard-Duty Slides to create XY and XYZ configurations.   View Page

  LC Gantry System
Travel: 24”x30” to 78”x168”
Gantry Clearance: 5” to 20”
Z axis: 6”-28”

Available in XY or XYZ, these large floor model Gantry Table System come with a heavy-duty ground steel, stress-relieved base, ball screws on all three axes, closed-loop servomotor system optional low, medium or
high power electronics. View Page

  DaVinci XYZ Gantry Table System
Travel: 10”x12”x4.5”
Gantry Clearance: 3.9”

DaVinci CNC Production Center is a
3-axis stepper motor-driven unit. The unit is completely self contained, wired and ready to use out of the box.  View Page

NEMA 23, NEMA 34 servomotor frames and motor mounts are compatible with Techno  Gantry Tables
Techno's Right Angle Mounting Plates are die-cast aluminum mounting plates, with perpendicular machined surfaces, fully compatible with any Techno Gantry Tables. Typical applications include XYZ positioning systems, XYZ positioning systems with bridge mounted y-axes, and more. Techno offers five different sizes for application flexibility.
Operate any Techno Gantry Tables with a variable high-speed spindle. Four spindle options, 120V or 220V with choice of 1/8” or 1/4” collets. Easy mounting and operating. Spindles can be used to cut, assembly, drill.
Mount projects to your Techno Gantry Tables applications through use of Techno’s work holding components; toggle clamps, heavy-duty cam lock clamp, clamp bars, pneumatic clamps or manual vices.
Techno offers a full line of metric, Philips head, M3, M6, t-slot nuts, screws, socket head cap screws, oval and square t-nuts, and more to connect various Techno  Gantry Tables , XY Linear Tables.
Techno's couplings come in a variety of sizes to fit your Techno  Gantry Tables application. Choose from different bore sizes ranging from 6.35 mm to 12.7 mm.

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