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Stud Welding

 Isel Gantry used for Stud Welding improves Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Ultrasonic Inspection
 Integration of Gantry and Phased Array Ultrasonic System Reduces Armor-Grade Ceramicbr>  Materials Inspection Time by 90%
 Read entire article as seen in Quality Magazine Published April 6, 2012
 Source: Techno Inc.

Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing/b>

 Isel Gantry Helps Test Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Near-Earth Environment

Circuit Board Inspection
Isel Gantry Application for Circuit Board Repair
 PCB Repair Station Built on Highly Accurate Isel Gantry Reduces Scrapped Boards

Laser Scanning
Isel Gantry Used for Economical Laser Scanning
 Economical, Accurate Isel Gantry Table Key to Development of New Laser Scanner Line

Non-Contact Testing
Ultrasound Testing Using Isel Gantry
 Highly Accurate Isel Gantry Plays Critical Role in Non-Contact Ultrasound Testing

Belt Slitting
Isel Linear Actuators used for Slicing Timing Belts
 Isel Linear Actuators in Low-Cost Automation Project Increases Timing Belt Production By Factor of Six

Biotech Testing
3D Cell Printing using Isel Gantry
 Isel Gantry used for 3D Cell Printer to Build Comfortable Accommodations for Cells
 (As seen in the November 2008 Issue of Medical Design Magazine)

Pick-and Place
Isel Gantry Robot used for Creating Mosaics
 Isel Cartesian Robots Automate Creation of Mosaics as Substantial Reduction in Cost

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