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Linear Motion Systems Narrow Profile Slide 2 Automation Products

Linear Motion Systems Narrow Profile Slide 2 Automation Products
New Low Cost Series 500 Linear Double Rail System From Techno-Isel Offers An Enclosed Aluminum Housing!

New Hyde Park, NY - The New Series 500 Linear double rail system from Techno-Isel offers affordable precision motion for a variety of heavy load positioning applications. This extremely low cost system has a maximum speed of up to 5 m/sec.

These rails, identified as the 500 Series, consist of 2 sets of double
precision ground 12 mm diameter Cf53 steel shafts hardened to RC 622 that can accommodate newly patented roller and bearing carriages. The shafts are pulled together by the unique shaped support blocks, ensuring that they are parallel to <0.02 mm/1m. They are stocked in16 sizes from 400 mm to 3000 mm. The larger middle cavity is designed to house a wide variety of items including wiring, cylinders, screws, or motors.

This Series 500 system can run with both the newly patented Techno roller carriage 2, bearing carriage 2, or bearing carriage 4 designs. The more economical roller carriage 2 consists of a ground and hardened steel plate 110 x 65 x 6 mm with four M6 threaded holes on a 50 mm grid. Four precision rollers, 21 mm in diameter, are on each plate. Each roller has two sealed bearings which are lubricated for life. Two of the rollers have eccentric mounting to allow for easy preload and clearance adjustment. They have a travel speed of up to 10 m/sec. with very quiet operation. The Bearing Carriage 2 consists of a ground and hardened steel plate 80 x 60 x 36 mm with four M6 holes for threaded fastening and two 5h7 diameter holes for dowel pins. Each carriage has 4 re-circulating raceways with 3.5 mm diameter ball bearings. The unit is equipped with wipers and lubrication ports. The maximum rate of speed is 5 m/sec. The bearing carriage 4 is a single piece body constructed of ground & hardened steel. There are three M6 tapped mounting holes on the top of the carriage. The bearing also has a 28 mm diameter H7 precision hole through the body for mounting a ball screw, ball nut, pneumatic cylinder, belt or other drive mechanism.

Receive additional information about the Series 500 Double Rail System online at: www.technoautomation.com, or call to speak with an Application Engineer at 1-516-328-3970.

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Linear Motion Systems Narrow Profile Slide 2 Automation Products
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