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New Single Axis Stepper  "Centurion" Motor Controller From Techno-Isel Offers Advanced Features at Low Costs

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New Hyde Park, New York -- A new low cost single axis stepper motor controller/driver from Techno-Isel  is completely self-contained and comes ready to plug-in for immediate use. It is capable of controlling and driving 2 or 4 phase stepper motors and features integrated I/O. This controller/driver is designed to perform a variety of automation related, motion control, inspection, dispensing and production applications.

The controller, identified as the Centurion features as standard, 32K battery backed memory capable of storing 10 programs (switch selectable) and up to 5,000 motion commands, 8 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, operator control panel, remote start and stop capability, manual jog feature, watchdog timer and motion control software. The controller is designed to communicate with a PC via an RS232 interface. Connections for I/O are made with plugable screw terminals located on the controller's back panel and motor connection is made with a 9 pin D connector.

The Techno motion control software, included with the controller, is a user friendly, integrated programming environment. It features a program editor, compiler, communications program and jog program with teach mode. The editor and compiler allow the editing and compilation of a motion control program using simple, English-like commands. The communications program allows complete control of and transfer of a program from the PC to the controller.  The jog program allows manual positioning of the motor from the PC's keyboard. It also has a teach mode which will automatically generate a program. Once a program is loaded into the controller's memory, it may be controlled either from the PC or from the controller's front panel. The Centurion controller may also be completely disconnected from the PC for completely stand alone use. 

The Centurion controller is available with a choice of 3 different motor drivers capable of providing continuous currents from 1-6A per phase. 



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